Summer Camp

​“Summer means happy times and good sunshine.” 
 ----Brian Wilson
Summer Camp:  Preschool-Age 10   May 28th-July 31st 2019


Our Summer Camp will be filled with engaging activities that will both entertain and educate.  Students will participate in fun filled weekly themes that include:  Art, Science, Games, Theater, Music, Crafts, Cooking, Gardening, Water Play Days, and many more great activities!  Elementary students may attend the off site field trips which include a pass to the Harkins Summer Movie Program, the Surprise library for events and scheduled activities throughout the community.

Weekly Themes are as follows :

May 28th-May 31st :  Tropical Travels
Travel to the tropics with us and experience the sights, sounds, foods, and activities from the lands of paradise.  We will learn about the culture and people who live on the islands and uncover buried treasures! 


June 3rd-7th:  Vacation Bible School Week:  ROAR!

We will go on an African safari on the other side of the world to spread the gospel.  Enjoy music, games, costumes, crafts, and food from the continent of Africa as we learn the culture, the people, the missionaries, and the animals!  

June 10th-14th:  Shake, Rattle, & Roll:  
Come out for a week to dance, jump, and shake your groove thing!  We will learn fun dances and popular music through the decades.  From Disco to the Macarana and even some country line dancing!  Create some instruments and join the WOL marching band!

June 17th-21st:  World of Animals
Pet an elephant or ride on a giraffe!  We’ll hike deep into the rain forest and see the monkeys or talk to a gorilla.  Off we will go to the Antarctic where you can feed a polar bear and follow the penguins onto a glacier!

June 24th-June 28th:   Ocean Explorers

Dive deep into the ocean and discover a whole new world!  From the sunny beaches to the deep blue sea, we will experience the Earth's oceans in a submarine.     


July 1st-3rd:  Celebrate the USA  (No school Thursday 4th & Friday 5th)
Cheer for the Red, White, and Blue.  Wave the flag and have a slice of Grandma’s apple pie!  From baseball, to corn on the cob, to fireworks (not real ones—HA!)  The kids will love this All-American Week to honor our country and the men and women who serve.


July 8th-12th:   Treasure Hunters:

Arrrrrrrg Matey!  Pirates, buried treasure, ships, and searching for gold.  Come aboard if you dare and sail the high seas with Captain Jack!

July 15th-19th:  Sid the Science Kid
Turn your sister into a frog!  Just kidding! Build an exploding volcano, make playdoh, peer into the microscope, make things snap, crackle, and pop!  Explore inside the human body and stretch your imagination with experiments! 


July 22nd-26th:  Lost in Space

Climb on the space shuttle and rocket to the moon.  Blast off to explore the galaxies, planets, and stars as we discover space and all God created in the cosmos!


July 29th-July 31st:  Christmas in July
Cool down our last days of camp with a celebration of Christmas!  Games, music, Christmas crafts, and goodies!  Snow projects, presents, and build the best ice cream sundae before we head back to school!

                         Please Contact Us for details and registration! 


              Weekly Pricing

 Preschool Only-- AM Session:

               Ages 2-5 yrs.


  Preschool & Elementary
   Full Day Session



  Students must have completed Kindergarten to participate in the off site field trips during summer camp.

 Kindgarten-Age 10 is Full Day
    Pricing Only!

  $30.00 per student
  $50.00 family rate
Dates: May 28th-
            July 31st 2019

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