Summer Camp

​“Summer means happy times and good sunshine.” 
 ----Brian Wilson
Summer Camp:  18 months-Age 10yrs.   June 1st-July 30th 2021


Our Summer Camp will be filled with engaging activities that will both entertain and educate.  Students will participate in fun filled weekly themes that include:  Art, Science, Games, Theater, Music, Crafts, Cooking, Gardening, Water Play Days, and many more great activities!  Elementary students may attend the off site field trips which will be announced as we see what is open to our students in and around our community!

Weekly Themes are as follows :

June 1st-4th:  It's A Small World:  Disney Adventure
It's a week of Disney here at Word of Life.  All our favorite characters and activities will come to life on a Disney Adventure as we explore the rides, shops, and food from the magical kingdom! 


June 7th-11th:  Vacation Bible School--TREASURED: Discovering You're Priceless to God
Embark on an epic quest through hidden ruins, ancient caves, and dense jungles.  Our mornings will be filled with upbeat music, Bible adventure stories, treasure snacks, KidVid videos, Jungle Gym Games, and hands-on projects at the Imagination Station.    Come discover God's greatest treasure isn't diamonds, gems, or gold.  It's YOU!


June 14th-18th:  A Tropical Island Escape

A tropical island awaits as we enjoy the sun, sand, and surf.  Painting sea shells, building sand castles, eating popsicles, and watching the seagulls from our beach towels.  Wiggle your toes in the sand as we enjoy a trip to the islands!

June 21st-25th:  We Can Build It: Construction Fun
Grab your hard hat and join us at a construction site!  Help us build houses, shopping malls, bridges, and skyscrapers!  Learn about the massive machines that build the structures around us and design very own building this week! 
June 28th-July 2nd:  You're a Grand 'Ol Flag--Celebrate the Red White & Blue
A week to honor our country, flag, and our military families.  A celebration of independence as we explore the landscapes and traditions in America!

July 6th-9th (Closed July 5th):  Camping Under the Stars

Sleeping bags, lanterns, and songs around the "campfire".  We'll be learning about the stars and moon and making our own constellations.  And of course there will be Smores!!    


July 12th-16th:  Let's Travel the World Together

Join us on a journey around the world!  Far off places where the culture, clothes, food, animals, and traditions are different from ours.  Spin the globe and take a trip to a far away land!


July 19th-23rd:  Gold Rush Days in the Wild Wild West
Saddle up, pard'ner!  There's gold in them there hills!  A wild west adventure awaits from horseback and covered wagons to making soap and candles.  Who will become the richest miner in the old western town?  Come and see!


July 26th-30th:  Christmas is July
Merry Christmas and JOY to the World!  This year will explore the traditions of Christmas in other countries and celebrate the Savior.  Christmas gifts, treats, music, and friends will all be a part of this fun-filled week!


Registration opens April 1st!  Download your Registration Packet and call to take a tour with us!


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   Weekly Pricing: Preschool-Age

                   AM Session:



         Full Day Session



(Kinder.-10 yrs.)

Full Day Pricing ONLY!


  $40.00 per student
  $60.00 family rate
Dates:    June 1st-
            July 30th 2021